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The Problem

TGI Fridays is an iconic American bar and grill, delivering great experiences, food, and beverages for almost 50 years. The franchise was looking for a fraud prevention solution that could significantly improve their chargeback rate for online orders and in-restaurant mobile check payments, while simultaneously ensuring their customers would continue to enjoy friction-free service.

The Strategy

TGI Fridays’ high chargeback rate was cutting into the company’s bottom line. With chargebacks hovering at 3-5%, Fridays turned to Forter to fix their fraud problem. Forter was uniquely positioned to not only provide a robust solution for their chargeback problem, but also to give much needed insight into the mobile app ecosystem and a better understanding of their POS services.


We had a significant fraud problem and Forter was up for the challenge. They partnered with our team to understand our customers and business needs, committed to getting our fraud below 1%, and delivered well beyond our expectations. Our restaurant operators can now accept online orders and mobile check payments with confidence.

James Washington, Director of Product Management - Digital

The Solution

Forter’s fully automated, instantaneous transaction decisioning has drastically cut TGI Fridays’ chargeback rate. Since integrating with Forter, Fridays’ chargeback rate is at just 0.28% and their overall approval rate is 97.2%, a six percent improvement. Forter partnered with Fridays' product and technology team to build a successful model that has made a huge impact on once lost revenue.

Fridays quickly and easily integrated with Forter, immediately witnessing a significant impact on their business in just a few short months. With instant approve or decline decisions on all mobile and online transactions, Forter is able to fight Fridays’ fraud in real-time and also provide more insight into their mobile ordering service.

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Accurate decisions in less than one second

Learn why our solution is the only one of its kind to deliver accurate, fully automated decisions on every single transaction in real time.

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Understand the full spectrum of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are notoriously creative when it comes to developing new schemes. Use cases demonstrate how our solution can stop them.