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False Positives Reduction
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The Problem

Other World Computing cares deeply about their customers. They provide high quality products, expert advice and excellent customer service, so consumers receive the best possible experience. But selling valuable electronic merchandise comes with risk. Online criminals love these sorts of goods, and the retailer pays the cost. OWC had developed a team of top notch fraud analysts to combat this, but that involved a lot of manual review, so legitimate customers had to wait for order confirmations. A portion ended up canceling. Moreover, reviewed orders were delayed by several days. This did not suit the optimal customer experience OWC aims to provide.

The Solution

Forter’s product was just what OWC needed. Forter’s fraud prevention system is so accurate that all approved orders are covered by a chargeback guarantee, and is fully automated, working in real-time. Transactions receive instant approve/decline responses. OWC was reassured by Forter’s consumer-centric emphasis, which treats buyers as genuine unless proven guilty, and delighted to find that with Forter they had approval rates of avg. 99%. The OWC team love Forter’s intuitive interface. The product was easy to use from the start, and provides valuable fraud and business data with extra insight into real and fraudulent customers.

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“Before Forter, even with other fraud management platforms, stopping theft meant being constantly engaged in the details of fraud prevention, but that was a distraction from the core business. Forter has allowed us to focus our resources where they matter most, company growth and the future.”

Jennifer Soulé , President

The Result

The impact on customer satisfaction was immediate. Buyers are no longer held up or confused by manual review delays, and never have to provide extra identifying information. Moreover, “false positives,” cases of good customers rejected as risky, have gone from 4.2% to practically zero. That’s a 76% improvement. OWC now receives glowing consumer reviews from buyers who would previously have been inconvenienced by manual review. All customers receive the same speedy delivery.

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Accurate decisions in less than one second

Learn why our solution is the only one of its kind to deliver accurate, fully automated decisions on every single transaction in real time.

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Understand the full spectrum of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are notoriously creative when it comes to developing new schemes. Use cases demonstrate how our solution can stop them.