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The Problem

Lethal Performance provides their customers with the best experience and products in the market. Fast fulfillment, smooth shipping and seamless checkout are key differentiators for their business. Fraud prevention represented the only kink in the company’s system. The needs and purchasing habits of Lethal Performance’s customers could often exhibit behaviors that legacy fraud prevention systems may misconstrue as suspicious (i.e. needing purchases sent to warehouses or garages, or buying quantities of items in bulk). The business, aiming to avoid costly fraud issues, instituted rigid risk rules that included manual reviews and resulted in delays to customer orders and in some cases, good customers actually being declined by the highly restrictive system.

The Strategy

Knowing that they were leaving money on the floor and disrupting their customer’s shopping experience, Lethal Performance needed a fraud prevention system that would enhance their revenue and ensure a great customer experience. Forter’s fully automated fraud prevention solution provided an end to subjective manual reviews and to all of the delays and frustrations they inevitably caused. Instead, Forter’s solution provides the company with the ability to have a swift and seamless checkout experience, resulting in speedy fulfillment — aligning with Lethal Performance’s emphasis on superior customer experience.


"We’re passionate about our products, our industry and our customers. We never wanted to be fraud prevention experts. Thanks to Forter, fraud is essentially no longer a concern for us. We leave it to their expertise, and we concentrate on what we’re best at."

Jonas Cooper, CTO

The Solution

Through Forter’s customer-centered, probabilistic identity-linking technology and highly refined machine learning models, false declines are no longer a concern, and the increased approval rate has boosted sales. Lethal Performance now boasts a 99.76% approval rate and no longer relies on any manual reviewers. Moreover, since all decisions occur in under one second, customers never have friction added into their shopping journey, eliminating calls into support teams and resolving the enormous operational overhead it can bring. Forter’s team of fraud domain experts and analysts have replaced the old rules-based model, and through nuanced feedback systems, Forter is effortlessly able to accommodate the unique profile of Lethal Performance’s customers and their needs.

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