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The Problem

Online travel agency prides itself on its customer experience, striving to make buying airfare easier than ever before. But fraud prevention was presenting a problem. was using a solution that wasn’t automated and involved a substantial amount of manual review, resulting in delayed decisions and unwanted friction. With 140% annual growth, needed a solution designed for both scale and speed - without compromising accuracy.

The Strategy

When heard about Forter’s fully automated fraud prevention solution, they realized that it was a perfect fit for their needs. Eliminating manual reviews and providing instant decisions every time enables unlimited scale and growth. With Forter’s cutting-edge technology, a unique algorithm was tailored for’s challenges, personas and patterns, resulting in highly accurate instant decisions, even on the busiest days. Forter leveraged its team of fraud prevention experts to analyze Kiwi’s transaction patterns and data, as well as research industry-wide trends, ensuring that new fraud techniques were caught in real time. This is especially crucial in industries such as online travel, which is particularly dynamic.


"We have grown so much in such a short time, and we’re still growing. We were aware that fraud was a serious concern in this industry, but we didn’t want it to hold us back. With Forter’s full automation, that’s no longer a concern - we know that their solution will scale naturally with us as we grow."

 Juraj Strieženec, CFO

The Solution

Forter’s system enabled to eliminate friction and delays, resulting in continued growth and happier customers. Automation means fraud prevention scales seamlessly without compromising customer experience, delivering instant approve and decline decisions behind the scenes. Since integrating with Forter, has seen a 40% decrease in chargebacks, while maintaining an exceptionally high approval rate.

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Learn why our solution is the only one of its kind to deliver accurate, fully automated decisions on every single transaction in real time.

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Understand the full spectrum of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are notoriously creative when it comes to developing new schemes. Use cases demonstrate how our solution can stop them.