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The Problem

Jomashop was ready to expand and start increasing their sales both domestically and internationally. However, they knew that luxury products remain an ever-attractive target to fraudsters - especially when stealing just one designer watch could mean a $40,000 pay day for them. This understanding meant that Jomashop’s fraud prevention policies were out of necessity, risk-averse. Their reliance on manual reviews and blacklisting meant delays to fulfillment and the blocking of potentially good customers.

The Strategy

Following a smooth integration with Forter, Jomashop experienced 100% automated decisioning on all of their transactions - meaning the need for manual reviews disappeared. Jomashop wanted to be free of the pressure of evaluating transactions and instead wanted to focus on the company vision and how to expand and open into new markets.


"We're accepting orders from countries we can't pronounce, where before we would be scared to do that. Before, we would automatically blacklist any order from Malaysia or Indonesia unless we got a wire transfer. Now, we're even starting to advertise in these countries because there are a lot of legitimate people there and this solution has given us the confidence to do it.'

 Osher Karnowsky, General Manager

The Solution

Since Jomashop started working with Forter, they never have to worry about any chargebacks, despite that they are now performing absolutely no manual reviews. Thanks to Forter’s expert, realtime decisioning system, Jomashop now has a 98.79% approval rate, and has been able to scale their business and expand into new markets without any delays or friction to their customers. Through partnership with Forter, Jomashop has actually experienced an improvement to their fulfillment, moving from a 3 day shipping and handling process to 2 hours instead.

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Understand the full spectrum of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are notoriously creative when it comes to developing new schemes. Use cases demonstrate how our solution can stop them.