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The Problem

Diamonds are a fraudster’s best friend. These valuable, easily resold items have evergreen appeal, never going out of fashion. Since each successful fraudulent transaction represents a significant loss, James Allen assembled a highly skilled team of fraud analysts which was extremely successful at blocking fraud. Unfortunately they were also turning away good business and causing customer friction at checkout. James Allen wanted to eliminate calls to customers in order to validate their identities provide further identifying information.

The Strategy

James Allen started using Forter’s Decision as a Service® technology, which uses machine learning continually refined by human expertise to get instant approve/decline decisions for every transaction. The team used these real-time decisions as a superlative fraud detection tool, and was delighted with the accuracy and high approval rates the system provides.


"Forter surpasses our expectations. It’s fraud prevention that equals growth, with higher approvals and seamless checkout. The difference to our fraud team is felt every day. Forter’s realtime decisions are a fantastic tool - they simply remove the stress from the review process. And best of all, we can process more orders with less effort during those busy holiday periods."

Eileen Thomas, Operations, Logistics and Risk Management

The Solution

The results are everything James Allen hoped. Friction is massively reduced both internally and for their customers, while approvals, which were high to start with, have improved by 1.5%, contributing directly to the company’s bottom line. Leveraging Forter’s system has led to a huge improvement in efficiency and a reduction in stress internally, and made holiday shopping spikes easier. Moreover, it means a far faster, more seamless purchase experience for James Allen’s customers, who no are no longer bothered by calls for extra information. For James Allen, fraud prevention has now become scalable, and the customer experience at checkout now matches and contributes to the high quality shopping experience they provide. Ideal customer experience is now the norm – at every step of the purchase process.

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