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Sydney, Australia


Apparel & Accessories


The Problem

Hello Molly is a leading Australian retail company, offering the best in online women’s fashion. The company, which launched in 2012, was searching for a true fraud prevention partner whose system did not increase operational costs, lead to inaccurate decisioning, or delays to fulfillment. Hello Molly’s belief is that every girl should have easy access to on-trend, must-have wardrobe essentials. Legacy fraud prevention mechanisms and reactive risk management meant that customers suffered from delays to their season's order fulfillment and experienced increased friction along their shopping journey.

The Strategy

Hello Molly needed a new fraud prevention partner, one that didn’t rely on time consuming manual reviews and could cut down on operational costs. Forter’s fully automated fraud prevention solution gave Hello Molly the power to focus their attention on growing their business rather than getting bogged down in manual review queues. By providing highly accurate approve/decline decisions in under one second on every transaction, and along every touch point of the customer journey, Forter has increased overall approvals and slashed Hello Molly’s daily manual review rates. By partnering with Forter, Hello Molly’s team stays one step ahead of fraudsters - even as they change their behaviors, patterns, or MOs - instead of constantly feeling the pressure to catch up without the proper tools in place.


“Forter’s innovative fraud prevention technology has proven to be a true business solution for us. No more scores, no more lengthy review queues. They have taken the guesswork out of fraud prevention and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Ena Eaton, Operations Manager

The Solution

Through expert technology and nimble models, as well as the feedback solicited from Hello Molly’s team, Forter’s machine learning models are continuously attuned to the brand’s business needs for increased accuracy and better results as time goes on. With an approval rate of 99.7%, the results speak for themselves.

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Learn why our solution is the only one of its kind to deliver accurate, fully automated decisions on every single transaction in real time.

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Understand the full spectrum of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are notoriously creative when it comes to developing new schemes. Use cases demonstrate how our solution can stop them.