Fraud is evolving. Can you keep up?

Stay One Step Ahead of Sophisticated Fraudsters

Forter's Seventh Edition Fraud Attack Index is finally here, and it contains all of the insights merchants need to better combat criminals in the year to come. For a deep dive into this comprehensive data, download the full report and learn:

  • How shifting behaviors and fraud trends are affecting online merchants
  • The biggest fraud challenges merchants are facing
  • Which industries are most targeted and why
  • What methods of attack fraudsters are favoring

With over $140 billion in e-commerce transactions, this report encapsulates the most extensive research ever conducted in this field - you won't want to miss it.

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Track the Latest Fraud Trends in 2019


Methods of Attack

Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in how they execute their attacks. Explore the ways in which they exploited merchant platforms this year.


Industry Breakdown

Find out which industries are most vulnerable to attacks and why many fraudsters are shifting to the quality vs. quantity mentality in certain sectors.


Fraud Around the World

E-commerce is expanding across the globe. Understand the particular pain points in specific global markets and see how fraud trends and behaviors appear in various parts of the world.