Improve sales and customer experience with fraud prevention

Forrester study finds ecommerce merchants experienced a 229% ROI with Forter*

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Are You Turning Good Customers Away?

Many online companies are. A Javelin study on The Financial Impact of Fraud found that in total, fraud costs merchants more than 7.5% of their annual revenue. Between fraud management costs, false positives, and chargeback losses, merchants are losing a significant portion of revenue to fraud.  Even worse:

  • 42% believe their fraud mitigation tools add too much friction for customers.
  • Merchants are spending more and more on fraud management: 35% of merchants planned to increase fraud spending in 2016, saying the top driver is the need to remain competitive.
  • Nearly a third (30%) of all transactions that are declined due to suspected fraud are believed to be legitimate.
  • In fact, dollars lost to false positive declines eclipse the amount of chargebacks by more than 5 to 1.
Forrester Forter TEI summary

A commissioned TEI study from Forrester found that Forter improved false positive rates (mistakenly declined customers) by more than 80%, increased sales and reduced fraud management costs. 

Download The Total Economic Impact™ Of Forter ‘s Decision as a Service to find out more.

How does Forter do this?
  • Accuracy. Forter's exceptional accuracy means that false positives are virtually eliminated, while fraudulent transactions are blocked effectively.
  • Pricing. This accuracy is reflected in our pricing structure - we charge only for approved transactions, and offer a full fraud chargeback guarantee. In this way you can be sure that our interests are always perfectly aligned with yours. 
  • Full automation. Since Forter's system is fully automated, providing decisions in real-time, customers are never even aware that they were analyzed. There is no friction, and no delay, caused by fraud prevention. 


With Forter's E2E solution, your business will be protected from account abuses such as coupon abuse and referral abuse, which can be costly in terms of both resources and digital trust. You will gain a more accurate understanding of your customers, enabling you to trust them and their digital identies and so better provide for their needs. 

Digital Trust

As Gartner has noted in the report Digital Trust - Redefining Trust for the Digital Era:

"Digital trust underpins every digital interaction by measuring and quantifying the expectation that an entity is who or what it claims to be and that it will behave in an expected manner."

With Forter, your company will be able to engage your users with confidence, knowing that any with bad intentions will be flagged and their fraudulent attempts prevented. You can focus your energies and resources on those good customers who become part of your 'circle of digital trust.'


*Three-year risk adjusted ROI for a composite organization based on the online, phone, and mobile approvals for interviewed organizations in The Total Economic Impact™ Of Forter’s Decision As A Service®, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 4/17.