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Digital trust underpins online interactions

In today's world of intricate online identities and complex online interactions, it's more important than ever for a company to be able to both trust the right customers, and provide a consumer experience that reflects that trust. 

Is your fraud prevention built on trust, or getting in the way?

Fraud protection threads through - and has the ability to impact - every significant stage of the customer lifecycle. That means the impact it can have on the way customers feel about your site is significant.

If you're trusting the wrong customers, or showing good customers that you don't really trust them, then your business needs strong, well-placed digital trust. 

  • Instant checkout. If you can extend digital trust to the right users, they'll never have to wait for review again. Forter's decisions are always real-time, every time. 
  • Accurate fraud protection. You need a system which is constantly updated to catch and prevent the latest fraudster tricks, so that you can block the thieves instantly and efficiently. 
  • Faster fulfillment. Without manual reviews causing delays, customers get their goods sooner - encouraging them to trust you again in the future.
  • Account interaction. Is the right person accessing the account? If so, make sure their journey is frictionless. If not, your system should notify you instantly.
  • Account creation. Are some users cheating your policies by setting up extra accounts? Be careful - it's often a ploy used for fraud, coupon abuse or referral abuse.

Extend digital trust to the right customers, with Forter. 

Forter's cutting edge technology analyzes the whole of the customer lifecycle, so that you can understand your customers - both legitimate and fraudulent. 

The solution is scalable, real-time and powerful. Machine learning learns from every transaction, while Forter's fraud experts engage in constant research to refine it, tailor it to each customer and incorporate insights from investigations into the fraudster ecosystem. 

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