Case Study: James Allen

Fraud Prevention Supporting the Luxury Shopping Experience

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Diamonds are a fraudster’s best friend: these valuable, easily resold items have evergreen appeal, never going out of fashion. They’re perfect for an online criminal with an eye on their personal bottom line.

James Allen wanted to protect their treasures from the thieves without impacting the perfect, smooth luxury experience they provide for their customers. With Forter, they are able to achieve the best of both worlds:
  • 99% approval rate (a 1.5% improvement)
  • 21% false positive improvement
  • 15% chargeback improvement
“We hold ourselves to a very high standard when it comes to customer experience. Thanks to Forter, our checkout process is now as friction-free and seamless as the rest of the site. Instead of being frustrated by delays or irritated by requests for further information, our customers receive the true luxury experience.”
Eileen Thomas, Operations, Logistics and Risk Management